Artist Statement
The process of each artwork is about time, transience, light, translucency, and fragmentation. Changing the visual permeability of things such as with ink and oil is one of the ways I look to explore visual tension. Often what results is illuminations because the work is about light and this translates into a medium, whether this is in material paint or the luminescence of a print. I work with an evolving relationship of things that can be contradictory and alter visual depth, but can also feel like visual phenomena. Continually, I try to create works that are what I like to think of as 'lucid obscurities'.

Mary K. E. Murphy is an artist located in Kitchener, Ontario, specializing in concepts such as light, perception, and fragmentation.  The artist received her BFA from the Universtiy of Waterloo specializing in Studio Art and within the past year has recently shown her work in Ontario. Murphy explores dimensions of light through printing on film, mixed media, inks,  LEDs,  photography, digital alteration, and any working platform that will allow for exploring visual depth. Most recently the artist produces work for backlit illumination which uses altered camera images printed on Duratrans, a form of backlit film that can be printed.

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